Powerful & intelligent action and an innovating,

new technology texture that adapts to all skin types.

Rich in active anti-aging ingredients.

Organic skin care.

Protect from dryness, provide hydration and soothing

effect to your skin.

Natural handmade Greek soaps

for body, face, peeling and cellulite.

Greek Olive oil, herbs & citrus

The right treatment begins with the Face Cleansing Milk & Demake up.Rich face cleansing milk enriched with organic oils of Carthamus, Almond, Olive oil and Castor Oil.Uniquely combined with cocoa butter and shea butter for a unique feeling of cleansing & softness.

The high percentages of hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5 provides hydration and extra elasticity. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Caffeine and salt body scub for a perfect silhouette!The mousse texture scrub with coffee and coarse salt granules gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, while at the same time tones and fights the orange peel skin appearance.


    About us

    The materials of nature meet the modern methods of cosmetology.

    Through our love & passion for natural cosmetics we create high quality products, with natural materials.

    For our soaps we use high quality Greek virgin Olive oil ,Greek herbs, citrus fruits, and oils in the process of cold saponification, where the properties of our raw materials are protected.

    For the creation of Sapon cosmetics, tested ingredients and raw materials are used to suit every skin type with moisturizing and healing properties.

    In addition, in our eshop you will not find only our own range but also other natural products, carefully selected to cover every need.

    Nature meets skincare!